Introducing a New LEO Token Sink & Writing Contest | The Leo Weekly Writing Contest For Investment Content

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It is no secret that we have a heavy focus on rewarding our content creators who contribute high quality content to the #steemleo community. These contests are a great way to both reward these awesome content creators as well as burn LEO to decrease the supply & positvely influence the economy.

Steemleo is a platform for investors to talk about their passion. Investing is a very broad topic and we all come from different walks of life.

It’s always fun to scroll through the feed and randomly discover a great piece of content, but sometimes an organized competition can provide an opportunity to view a singular topic through the perspective of a variety of people from different backgrounds.

We are announcing The Weekly Leo Writing Contest as a means to encouraging more high-quality, investing-related content on the Steemleo platform as well as a way to connect with your fellow Steemians and bond over a single topic.

The contest details are as follows. If you have any other questions, drop a comment below or hop in our discord and we’ll answer them as soon as possible. Happy writing 🔥


Contest Details

The Writing Prompt: "What does investing mean to you?"

Additional (optional) ideas to help you write:

  1. Why did you get into investing?
  2. How long have you been investing for?
  3. What do you invest in and why?
  4. What is your end goal with investing? (financial freedom, extra income etc.)

Entry Fee: 10 LEO (sent to @steem.leo with your post link in memo — we will save your post for curation and then send 100% of these fees to @null and burn them)
Minimum of 300 words
Deadline for Submissions: Exactly 5 days from this announcement (due by July 21, 2019)
Upvotes: We’ll be regularly curating all of these post submissions as well. Vote weight will depend on our subjective grading of the writing presented
Tag #Steemleo: of course, these posts will all fall under the niche of investing so be sure to use our community tag!

Prize Pool:

  • First Place —> 30 SBI Shares + 75 LEO Power + Featured in The Daily Leo Newsletter
  • Second Place —> 15 SBI Shares + 50 LEO Power
  • Third Place —> 10 SBI Shares + 25 LEO Power


Why is there an entry fee? —> the entry fee of 10 LEO is in place for a few different reasons. The two main reasons are:

  1. We will burn those LEO tokens at the end of the contest
  2. Helps us sort through the submissions and have higher quality content on the platform

*LEO Power (LP) = staked LEO distributed to your Steem account.

*How are the winners chosen? --> we curate the content subjectively and the 3 posts we find to be the best will be chosen for the top 3 slots.

*What are SBI Shares = SBI stands for Steem Basic Income and they provide a means for all Steemians to earn regular STEEM upvotes on their content. Learn more: @steembasicincome


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Hey, I don't have LEO tokens. Can I send Steem instead to enter the contest @steem.leo?

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Hey @oivas, why don't you buy LEO through steem-engine with Steem?

Yup :) please use LEO to send for the burn. That’s one of the main reasons for the entry fee — to encourage demand for the LEO token and then burn all of the fees to remove those tokens from the supply

Looks like I do not own enough LEO to enter the contest, unfortunately. Maybe in the future I will! I got excited, as I love to write and writing quality work is something I'm interested in. I also think of investing in many different ways, from actual capital, to investing in one's self. Health, mental well-being, and relationships can sometimes be just as important investments as financial! :)

Looking forward to see what the future holds in this community! I think I'm going to learn quite a bit being here.

Hey there! Would love to read what you’ve got. The 10 LEO entry fee (about 1 STEEM at current price) is set to encourage demand for the LEO token. Then send it to us so we can organize the posts and then we’re burning 100% of the entry fees which lowers the total token supply which benefits the whole community.

Looking forward to seeing some cool content from you, either through these contests or on the platform as well (writing a great piece of imvesting content will usually make quite about more than 10 LEO too) :)

Oh! I for some reason was thinking it was 10 steem. Lol. Seems I do have enough. I will probably enter then. :)

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@nandy4eva come get into this.

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This is an awesome contest. I want to thank the @Steem.leo team for brainstorming this. This is an awesome way to grow #leo and #steem.

Here's my entry:

I will be sending it as a memo too.

Very nice initiative. I will try to participate in this contest. Lets make leo great.

Is that limited to English?
and the
LP is permanent delegation?

Dear @steem.leo

I absolutely love idea behind your initiative. Burning tokens is definetly very interesting way of increasing token value.

Entry fee is also something unique and very refreshing. Keep up with great work guys.


I applied, good lucknto everyone!

This is a great initiative (I'm joining), gathering everyone's opinions on the subject will help the community develop a consensus on what posts deserve the #steemleo tag. Additionally, who can argue with burning the entry fees?

Loved your entry @financialadvice

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