Another day - Another Orbs, plus a few Beta packs. Hoping for Fireworks!!! Looking for positive ROI

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Earning DEC and buying ORB's - Whats not to love.

I am still going down the road of splitting my DEC between ORB's and cashing out to powerup. Powerup to date is 30k DEC for 75 SP, a little left over for a few new cards. To bad for me on the buying card portion, it appears these cards have gone way WAY up recently. A flesh golem is over $0.30.. and I need a lot to move from level 6 to 8. Putting a serious hurt on my progress. I bought another ORB and opened it up Here is what I got..

Screenshot 20190703 at 6.21.17 AM  Edited.png

Pack Total $3.934

  • Mermaid Healer $3.08
  • Enchanted Defender $0.089
  • Enchanted Defender $0.089
  • Eletric Eels $0.338
  • Eletric Eels $0.338

Great ORBs of fire

I think that is a great result. I needed all the cards I got - and who doesnt love pulling a mermaid healer. Can be a real asset when my Ruler of the Seas gets hit with reflect damage! This orb was pure profit, at of a cost of about 6.5 STEEM or $2.50 USD

I decided to follow that up with a few beta packs. Since so many cards have gone up 3x or more ( I am looking at you Green and Neutral!!) why not take a gamble and buy a few packs

Pack 1


Pack Total $0.86

  • Haunted Spirit $0.18
  • Centaur $0.44
  • Sabre Shark $0.05
  • Silvershield Knight $0.03
  • Peaceful Giant $0.16

Solid Meh

Yup - I needed three of the cards, but I will say losing more than 50% reminds me why I so often just buy the cards I need and not gamble on buying packs.

Pack 2


Pack Total $2.32

  • Zintar Mortaus $0.79
  • Haunted Spider $0.038
  • Spidenback Turtle $0.058
  • Animated Corps $0.024
  • Magi of the Forest $1.41

Profit - Epic card saves me!

Well, I can always use more summoners, especially for Death, my only level 5 summoner left. The three commons sucked - While I could level them up - I rarely use the Spineback Turtle to justify the 100 more cards I need to get it to level 8.

Magi of of the Forest - Whew - what a great hit! In the top 3 for value of EPIC beta cards. This makes my 3rd beta - since I am playing a level 3 Alpha Magi I snagged what too cheap prior to DEC.. If only I had gotten more pre DEC cards. I swear we will talk about the good ol days of Pre DEC and Post DEC... Pros and Cons.

I hoard all EPIC and Legendary cards, and even some Rare cards. I see no need to sell that this point - I will just see where this all goes down the road.

Thats it - Happy 4th of July

I got nothing else, I have 7000 DEC sitting on Steem-Engine ready to cash out to power up, way faster than I expected, but I am going to really focus on pushing for the full DEC earnings this 4 day weekend and see just how much I can earn!!

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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Oh man @senstless you are serious in the analytics of it all. I will have to get with you on discord as I just started playing and am trying to get momentum to get as far as I can in ranking! Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th bro!!

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Hit me up anytime man, no worries. It's not like I'm playing multiple accounts, tracking it all in spreadsheets.

Hmmm seems an odd response lol

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Yeah, trying to respond, give my kid a bath and make dinner. I forgot to type half of it. Long story short, I'm in deep, let me know how I can help. I might have some gold cards I can lease you for free to give you a boost.

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Hmmm, 85%? Looks like I need to bump up my delegation a touch.

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This may drive you nuts but the vote weight has nothing to do with how much you delegate. It is determined first by whether or not you have had a vote in the last 24 hours (if so, the shorter the time between votes the smaller the %), then the bot looks at how many votes in total it has given out today and adjusts the % according to that #. This ensures the everyone gets votes without the bot dropping below a certain voting % (I think 70%).

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Stay awesome!

Well crap. Looks like i am in taker category.. i need to change that!!

Nice pick up, So do you think it's worth the 2500 to buy a orb?

I do, I have done well, the promo card prices are really strong, the cards are useful. I split my DEC 50/50 right now between ORBS and converting to STEEM. After today, I have already pulled 100 steem out to power up.

I used to love running the 5 extra reward cards, and did for a long time. But my reward cards are all maxed to my summoners, and the slight increase in gold,epic,and legendary wasn't worth it anymore.

Both can be a good option depending on your level. I can earn about 2500 a day if I push it and play well.

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I bought a basic legendary potion and I have had a little bit of luck and got a ruler of the seas and a sacred unicorn, so the potion seems to be working, cheers.