I got mail..

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Living in the bus or out of the tent presents many issues.. one of which is getting mail.. now 98% of mail is bullshit .. but there's a occasional time that mail is fantastic.. today was one of those days..


Yeah.. so what was I so patiently expecting.. shiney silver.. @raybrockman had a post up for Rays coin shop.. luckily I was online and happened to see it and snatch up this 1984 Engelhard..



See and y'all thought I only blogged about smoking weed.. nope I like silver too.. and I like STEEM... so when @raybrockman and I were chatting in Discord we made a deal on another piece of silver.. one I've been looking for a long time.. a 2017 STEEM round..



The best part of buying silver from Ray's Coin Shop? They accept STEEM as payment..

Get yo stack on... Dave


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Very nice Dave! There is a 2017 Steem round on Ebay going for $40. I'm thinking about snatching it up.

Hit up @raybrockman... he might have more.. and this one was cheaper

What number is this?

I love that you are on the silver train. 😍

Sweet double shot dd 👊😎

Very cool! Glad you got that delivery.

2 very good looking rounds, glad they got to you safely. Thanks for shout out..

Double score! Both awesome rounds and of they are from @raybrockman I know you got a deal.

Nice! Both great rounds my friend!

That Prospector is one of my favorite rounds ever. And that one is a mighty fine example! Excellent scores @davedickeyyall.

It is great that you are investing in Silver @davedickeyyall because it surely would increase in value :D

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