Is there a coin expert in the house?

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So @bethvalverde and I are going thru the storage unit .. just looking at all the worthless shit that we've been saving for the past 18 months when I happen across a box full of commemorative coins .. check out this collection from Ireland..



Now this one I know is .999 silver (I CAN read)



But.. it has some funky writing on the edge..

22KT H.G.E. What does that mean?


The rest of these are unknown.. any input would be greatly appreciated

First up..



Next up.. JFK



There are 6 of these Ronald Reagan coins..



And 7 of these Statue of Liberty coins..



I don't know if they're silver.. or even valuable.. but they make a nice looking stack..


Peace out y'all.. Dave


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Just the Melt Value of the Silver alone, will be Worth a Pretty Penny...
There's also some Collector Appeal worth Considering,,,
Nice Collection...

September 12, 2019... 15.7 Hollywood Time...

Hey Dave, nice find! Ask @monsterjamgold, he has helped me a bunch with coins I know nothing about.

22KT H.G.E. = It was “hard gold electroplated” with 22 karat gold.

But that adds almost no weight of gold, so it’s probably worth an ounce of silver. Possibly some numismatic value, but probably only bullion value.


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I will trade you a 12 pack of rubbers for the lot. Unfortunately they are for needle dick

Sorry. Those are to large.

Micro Rubbers?

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