“Silver Cycles" Strategy of Buying, Selling and Holding Silver– 14MR20 – ‘Captain’s Chartwork!’

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"Weel wooldnae ye ken it?! At eight bells intae th' efternuin watch, efter mah morn chartwork, th' Mirk Wav struck th' silvers markit again! Bludy fockin' heel! Wa Ahh coods tears th' heed aff a Mackeral an' swallaw it whole withoot flinchin' an' such! But...as Ahh hav bin in thes gam fur longer than mony of ye hav even sailed, Ahh havs a pre-conceived strategy fur dastardly events loch thes! Ahh ken a hoddin price when Ahh see's it! That's reit...it's aw happened afair. Whit has alwa's bin mah coorse in such a storm? Th' Spite Buy!' (Naturally...)

Sae lest night Ahh sent Petty Officers Errislravenhill and Ickied ashair tae execute a strang 'Nibble!', a Spite Buy of bauld an' stout intention! An'.... it aw felt reit! Aye! Thes is exactly whit th' Spite Buy strategy was designed fur! - Tae barnie back in times of stoatin manipulatory attack an' sae forth! Sae... it's gam oan muckers!
Whit dae Ahh think will happen? Weel it doesnae matter a brae of minnows whit Ahh think diz it?! (But Ahh will teel ye jist th' sam...) Ahh think, 'att thes terrible blaw 'att burst th' silvers markit Fridays...will simply charge th' buyers oan fur Monanday! Och aye, Ahh think th' price of silvers will boonce back! Coods Ahh be wrang?! Hmmmm...coorse Ahh coods, but... usually Ahh am nae!

Stack oan muckers!" 😉 -Keptin

4:00pm Chartwark:

Mornin' Chartwark

Trend Lines: Sooth, 3:1

Fuirsdays Chartwark:



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Heelain Sassenach is easy tae learn mates! Pay attention annatt!"

Vocab for 'lain-lovers':

aff (off)
barnie (fight)
blaw (blow)
brae (hill)
caa (call)
efternuin (afternoon)
faa (fall)
fife (five)
guid (good)
hodden (cheap, common)
ken (know)
loch (like)
mirk (dark)
morn (morning)
nae (no, not)
noo (now)
och (oh)
rin (run)
sark (shirt)
sooth (south)
strang (strong)
tae (to)
tilly-willy scagg! (son-of-a)
tois (two)
wooldnae (wouldn't)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 Incoming Spyug:
"Maintaining course an' headin' Sairrr!" - Errislravenhill

"Braw job Lassie!" -Keptin

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Disclaimer: "Ahh'm nae a precious metals advisor, nor do Ahh wants ta be. Ahh'm jist a dedicated silvers stacker in search of hodden silver an' adventure! Any attempt ta paint me otherwise will likely get you rin-through!" - Keptin Joshua Slane

"Honor the patterns and move against the trend lines!
Patience, self-discipline and tenacity wins the long game!"

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"Blimey, Ahh may 'ave t'dip intae Emergency reserve cash t' buy me 20 oz. Generic silvers."

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"If ye dae, dae it afair eight bells intae th' efternuin watch oan Sunday Lassie, afair th' markit opens! (Ye havs tae be clever wi' yer coppers!) Of coorse Ahh coods be wrang...but Ahh doobt it! Haw! Haw! " 😊 -Keptin

"Welcome aboard Diegor! Arezzo , Italiar eh? (Ahh believe Ahh kent a yoong Lass thaur ance. Braw hen an' weel endowed!) Sae yoo're a 'Hunter of colors an' landscapes an' aw original photos?' Hmm, Ahh think we coods use those skills! " -Keptin

Aye the lassies be fair Fine, there...

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