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Silvertop missed the top on this one point we were looking at $2,900.00 for Palladium!!
Today it dropped down to an Ask price of $2,237.00

Photo all photo's by Silvertop


This Palladium round was minted by Northwest Territorial Mint.
Johnson Matthey then processed this round for
This is from Stillwater Mining Co.

OK....Silvertop needed to process that too LOL!🤔

This one Troy OZ round is .9995 Fine, and On the Obverse it has Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery 2005
On the reverse we have United States of America and the classic Bison/ Buffalo

Photo all photo's by Silvertop

With the Corona virus spreading, the markets are pricing in a lot of fear...

Crude oil was down to $31.20 a barrel
The DJIA dropped -$1,464.94

I picked this Palladium up at $550.00 back in 2008 so it goes back in the Silvertop stack! ....

So sealed and Certified we put this on the @stokjockey scale!!!😀


37.2g ......I'll just call this Certified round spot on LOL!!!😀

Everyone stay healthy, and stack on my friends!!!🤗


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I have no coins/rounds/bars made of palladium and this one is simply beautiful. Thank you for showing.

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If you had managed to sell at the top what would get in it's place? Gold, Silver, take her on a vacation...? Somewhere tropical and warm?

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Ohh... @elizabethbit just loves shiny things LOL the possibilities......😁

I don't have palladium. That round designs back and front are iconic and beautiful! I still am eyeing the American Platinum Eagle, but somehow always gets pushed to the back burner!
Thanks for sharing your palladium round. I think that yours is the first one I have viewed here on steemit and YouTube! You are a true precious metal stacker. Have a wonderful day, my friend @silvertop, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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LOL I really didn't want to sell anyway @silverstacker888, but have you looked at the markets this morning!...😳
Just my opinion, but I think I will stay liquid at the moment,I believe there will be tremendous bargains soon..
Take care, and stay healthy my friend !!!😍😀🤗

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I am so glad that you enjoyed this my friend!!😀
Have a wonderful day!!!

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