#SPUD6 on #themorningbowl

in themorningbowl •  2 years ago 

Woo hoo.. it's that time of the month again where everyone powers up their STEEM.. I mean at .13 what else are you gonna do with it.. but this ain't all about the potatoes.. there's weed too..


Tres potatoes..



Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Love me a morning bowl 😃

Just took some of this stuff
Back is killing me


Wow! What a gread SPUD you had! And I was glad with my measly 19 + 46... hahaha! @zekepickleman sent me over here and I'm glad I came. Happy day to you!

Every STEEM token powered up helps


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That's an enormous amount to power up there, woooooooooo we have the prices to thank.

1:10 coffee trout

Hell yah a little 16% in the morning after powering up more steem than I have ever seen on this blockchain is a great start to the day!

Enjoy the cool freeodm.

Always nice to celebrate a power up with a little kush blaze isn't it.

Kush goes with everything. Even ranch


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