Infinite Banking Investment Example with Real Estate

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A little example of using an infinite banking concept (IBC) policy for an investment. In IBC you develop your own store of capital to use as you see fit.

In this example, I decide to use the policy for buying a rental real estate property for 75k and then use the cash flow to pay down the debt. It makes sense to do it with IBC and not with a mortgage because there is no loss of liquidity with IBC like there would be with a mortgage.

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I just submitted an application for my own Lafayette policy through a local practitioner I found on the IBC site, all thanks to your recommendation. It's a really fantastic concept and I'm excited to get started!

I'm excited that people are finding the concept useful. Really the only downside is that initial period when a portion of the premium is locked up. After that, it's pretty smooth and automatic.

Then the question turns to how to grow this as much as possible :)

Thanks for the blog on using the financial vehicle. Concrete examples of concepts in action are always great!

What is hive-167922 ?

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I believe that is the steemleo community

Sounds really interesting but I really struggle to hear what you are saying at times. I find the same when you speak with Jarvie. Any chance you speak a bit more slowly in your future videos? I for one, would be very grateful. 😍

I'll try, but I've been a fast talker my whole life :)


Marker to listen later.

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I realize I missed a "It's Free Real Estate" meme opportunity :(