Building Steem...One Community At A Time

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We talk about the price of Steem...A lot...

People can't help but notice that at one time, this blockchain was a top 5 coin on CoinMarketCap! We remember the glory days of late 2017 and early 2018...Steem couldn't lose, this was the place to be...

A few hardforks later, a bunch of drama and here we are...At around 14 cents a pop!

If you look at it from that angle...One could get depressed and feel like our glory days have long passed...Or you look at what is being built on Steem right now and...Well, you get pretty excited.

So this arrived on my doorstep today...


You see, when Steem-Engine introduced the tribes and ability for different communities to build their own token, projects like @ReggaeSteem started to pop up!

I mean...A community of reggae music lovers and culture enthusiasts...Based on a blockchain!

Let that sink in for a second...And you'll start to understand why I say 'screw the price of Steem!'

I was an early adopter of #ReggaeSteem, mostly because of my love of reggae music...But also because I met @Dmilliz who was helping to build this tribe and we connected pretty quickly. And because we shared a similar interest in reggae music, he let me know the moment @ReggaeSteem launched!

That's what Steem brings that no other blockchain does...

Similar Passions = Communities Being Born!

And that's where the true wealth is folks...Not the 'awesome technology' or the 'revolutionary products'...It's the people and their passion!

It's when a dude from Jamaica via Japan connects with a dude from Canada and they start talking about...Reggae music. Once again, see @ReggaeSteem

Or when an an entrepreneur from the US meets up with another entrepreneur from the same country...And start developing a digital trading card game. See @SteemMonsters

Maybe it's a dude with a huge passion for investing, bringing like minded people together and creating on of the most exciting tokens on the Steem-Engine platform. See @Steem.Leo

You see...It's all of that!

This is what makes Steem unique and much more valuable than the 14 cent price tag we are currently enjoying ;)

It's community!

It's real people, sharing their passions and getting to know one another on the blockchain...

This community stuff isn't easy though...And it's not as simple as sticking a pretty website up and calling it a day. Building community takes time but at the end, it's worth it.

We grow together, we laugh together and we win together.

And each of these unique communities are being built, right now, here on Steem!

So whether you love reggae music, enjoy trading cards and battling it out...There is a home for you on Steem!

Because the best part is...We're just getting started :)


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Thanks for the post @jongolson - exactly, community is the crux, the fact that the community now has a way of extending its family and supporting it family in a potentially financial way is really getting back to what community is, what is mine is yours and what is yours is everybody's. the extended family of yore returns with the developing technologies of today

ha ha ha ooops gave you a full vote for the comment. ahhh well lol

yeah man. it’s exciting. and. i feel like this is just the beginning.

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One love, one community, one ReggaeSteem. It's like when a Cat from Toronto meets a Jongolson living in Edmonton :D

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

ha ha ha no doubt!!! Small world lol

wow @jongolson I have not been on much but I will try to correct that. I really like the info here and I'm sure I will like & read more.

Glad you are enjoying it, @busylion.
I recommend that sometime soon you do a post with the tag #introduceyourself - there are people and groups who keep an eye on that tag so they can welcome newcomers and support them with upvotes and follows. It's a good way to get started connecting with people on this platform.

awesome to hear that man. drop me a line if you have any questions.

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Yes mi bredda, we building. I’ve watched you building non stop
since I’ve known you here man. One of the hardest pushin on the block. Yup , I won’t forget that , you were the first besides core team to post on reggaesteem. Blessings man.

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No question! Love the JAHM token and will continue to invest in it for the long run!

@jongolson, @reggaesteem team doing great job for sure. @dmilliz, @donald.porter and @miyard is putting effort to bring so much practical value and use case to this Ecosystem.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Agreed! One of the best tribes on Steem for sure!

Yes. 👍

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Nice work... love the way you emphasized the human connections

Nothing else matters in my opinion...Work on that, everything is is a bonus!

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I love your posts. I learn so much every day. Stuff I can put towards my posts and my business. Thanks Jon.


Thanks man, appreciate that and glad you are getting value from them!

Thanks Jon, a very interesting post for a new fish like me.

I've been on Steem now for 38 days and I've realised I've not just joined another site; rather, Steem is a microcosm, a mini-www. Like, having ready access to thousands of sites via one portal. There's even banner ads going off here!

The more time I steem, the less time I surf. That's OK, since I earn here. Most social media and community sites pay members nothing; or worse, the site owners expect you to pay them for building their business!

Thank you again Jon, for encouraging your CTP members to sign up and seek engagement here on Steem.

That's how I feel as well...It's a big huge party and everyone is invited...No matter what the niche!

The STEEM price will go up and down... but hey... that's what cryptocurrencies and markets do...

The things that will stay are communities... People will come and go, but healthy communities will grow! And the #CTP tribe is a great example of that... Maybe we are growing slowly, but that's the best way to do...

Yessir! The price will be there down the road, I'm not worried about that. I'm more interested in building the communities and relationships right now.

That's the opportunity right there @jongolson, the tribes is where the newcomers gets rewarded nowadays, to them Steem is just there to run the blockchain and be the main trading pair, and the tribes you mentioned are great, and so is CTPtalk, it's awesome.

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Appreciated :) Yeah man.....We've got some epic things planned for our little tribe!

Thanks @jongolson, and I am looking forward to that, it will be awesome for sure.

If so, creating connections across diverse cultures with only one heart as given the song of the legend Bob Marley greetings prosperity and success ,,

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

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