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I think I am now off the downvote lists for spaminator and mack-bot. :) It was not an easy process for me and I did end up going on discord to try and get off. Apparently guiltyparties is the person who manages spaminator. I happened to see the spaminator tag on a post and then I went to trending and newest and found him. Maybe I should have figured this out sooner but it seems like replying to spaminator and mackbut and others should have worked. I guess https://discord.gg/wNJuwfV is a discord you can go to to try and get off of one or more downvote bot lists.

Josh downvoted my last post and made a comment.
He does delegate to spaminator. I made a delegation to @booster before and I did a delegation on minnowbooster and I was aware of who I was delegating to but maybe that's just me.

Hopefully customer service will improve somewhat on Steemit now. It seems pretty easy to get added to an account kill list but not so easy to get off of it. Without Steemleo.com I think it might have made total sense for me to completely leave the platform.

I voted for @smooth.witness as a witness. I thought @smooth made a very nice comment and made a good decision.

I think the Leo market is slowly unfreezing. The big sale and big hold at .19 seems to have taken a lot out of it temporarily.

The Pal market did die down for me. I think Pal will be able to hold above .03 though.

I think there is too much downvoting on steemit.com for the platform and token to have any real potential.

I think there should be less censorship on Steemleo but I think Steemleo does have a lot of potential and it seems like a much nicer platform that can and is able to retain users and investors.

Sunday 11-3

#mysearchisover - https://www.steemleo.com/@mysearchisover

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Congratulations for getting off the blacklist. 🎉🎈🍾

Nice tune. I always liked it. But never saw this video before. It’s cool.

Yeah it's nice to be allowed to earn Steem again. :)

Thank you for posting from the https://steemleo.com interface 🦁

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Pretty soon you'll be capable of qualifying as a post just from content in your headline and tags....lol.

Always liked that song, makes you want to get a groove on.