Welcome to SteemLeo!

Steemleo is a next-generation social community that is powered by blockchain technology. Content creators can join Steemleo and create blog posts or even upload videos and earn rewards paid out in LEO tokens, which are tradable on the Steem-Engine Exchange.

This page is filled with information to help you learn about our community and how it works. There is a table of contents below to help you navigate.

If you have further questions or want to create a free account, join our Discord or Send Us an @tweet on Twitter.

Table of Contents

Get Started

What is The LEO Token?

Official SteemLeo Accounts & Curators

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Steem Tools & Resources


Get Started

Free to Participate

SteemLeo is built on the Steem blockchain which boasts features such as 3 second block times and free transactions.

That means that it's free to post, comment and vote on steemleo.com. You'll even earn cryptocurrency rewards for doing so!




Upvotes are how you "like" someone's post or comment... but these are no ordinary "likes". When an upvote is given, it draws on the user's LEO POWER (staked LEO tokens) and distributes newly minted LEO tokens to the author of the post/comment and some to the one who upvoted (curated) the content (50% to the author and 50% to the curator).

The more LEO POWER a user has, the more their upvote will distribute from the total rewards pool.

To upvote, click on the Upvote icon at the bottom of the post/comment.


UpvoteDownvote (Flag)


Downvotes (flags):

Downvotes (flags) are how you "dislike" someone's post or comment. downvotes work inversely to upvotes. So if you downvote someone's post/comment, then you will remove rewards from their content which puts them back into the rewards pool to be redistributed to better content.

To downvote (flag), click on the Flag icon at the bottom of the post/comment.



Similar to any other social media website, commenting is a great way to build brand awareness for your account. It's a great way to get out there, meet like-minded people and have great discussions.

You'll quickly learn that on SteemLeo, people love interacting and debating ideas related to investing. You will never find a shortage of passionate investors here on SteemLeo!

Comments are also eligible for upvotes. So participating in the community actually means something! Not only can you have great conversations with like-minded investors, but you can also earn rewards when they upvote your comments!

To comment on a post, or reply to an existing comment, click on the "Reply" button.


Creating Posts

To create a post, click on the "Pencil" icon in the upper right corner next to your profile image (note: you need to be signed in before creating a post).

Posts have four main parts: Title, Content, Tags and Advanced Settings.

Be sure to make a relevant and attractive title for your content. Just like any other social platform, your title and thumbnail often dictate the flow of traffic to your content. The first image that you submit on your post will be the thumbnail.

You can insert images by either dragging & dropping, pasting from the clipboard, or by selecting them.

Tags are extremely important. This is how content is organized both on SteemLeo and on the Steem blockchain. On the homepage of Steemleo.com, you'll notice some tags on the left-hand side. These are the most used tags for the SteemLeo community. Also note that you can use the tags of other communities (including "steemleo") to cross-post to those communities and earn tokens as well.

Using relevant tags is very important, so be sure to do a little research before dropping niche tags on your content.


Followers and Feeds

To follow another user, click on their username and click the "Follow" button. This will follow the user on the Steem blockchain which means that you can view their posts in your feed on any Steem interface.

Once you follow someone, all of their posts will show up in your "Feed" on the SteemLeo homepage when you login.

As you grow on SteemLeo and post content consistently, you'll see your follower count increase. You can track your followers (and who you're following) on your profile page: steemleo.com/@username (replace username with your username).



If you want to share someone else's post with all of your followers, click on the resteem icon. Resteems cannot be undone.

Resteeming a post is just like "retweeting" on Twitter. It posts straight into your blog feed and allows your followers to see it as well.


Digital Currencies

As mentioned previously, posting on SteemLeo will directly post to the Steem Blockchain. This means that your content is eligble for LEO token rewards as well as STEEM/SBD and other digital currencies when relevant tags are used.

Note: We'll make a more in-depth section for digital currencies, relevant tag use, etc. and update this guide when it's ready.



Up to 50% of the reward for each post goes to the people who upvoted on it. These users are called Curators.

The more LEO POWER you have in your wallet, the more your votes will be worth. If your vote is more valuable, you will earn higher curation rewards and simultaneously be able to distribute more rewards to the author as well.

Curating is almost like a game because curating a post before other curators will increase your curation rewards as you'll earn a sort of "royalty" on any votes that follow yours. Thus, digging up posts by unknown authors and being the first to curate them can lead to greater rewards.



Payouts are made 7 days after the post/comment is created. You can claim your rewards in your wallet after 7 days.

Projected payouts are shown right next to the upvote/flag buttons in terms of LEO currency.

Note: projected payout figures may fluctuate based on several factors before the final payout is reached.


Content & Community Rules

Content posted on Steemleo should be original content (made by you) that is relevant to our community -- Investing/financial content.

We are reworking our community guidelines at the moment and will have this section updated with a link to those guidelines as soon as it is available.

Additionally, we'll make a separate post with content "tips" that will guide you in creating content that is likely to perform well on SteemLeo in terms of attention as well as rewards.


Earning on SteemLeo

Everyone's earnings are different. Have fun. Get involved. Meet new friends.

The amount of money a user earns depends on their content, following, level of investment and many, many other factors.

Don't get discouraged if you don't earn much at first. Keep up the good work!


What is the LEO Token?

LEO tokens are the native currency of the SteemLeo platform. These tokens are automatically distributed from the rewards pool to SteemLeo content creators, curators and users.

Earning LEO tokens can be done in a myriad of ways. The primary distribution of LEO tokens occurs when a post is upvoted by someone with staked LEO tokens.

Staking LEO tokens means that you're vesting them in your account. Vested LEO stake is also called "LEO POWER". Your LEO POWER determines the amount of tokens that you can distribute from the rewards pool with your upvote.

For example, someone with 1,000 LEO POWER will be able to distribute more LEO with their upvote than someone with 100 LEO POWER.

Wallet Page:

Go to your wallet page to see your balances and stake LEO tokens. You can also view the various other tokens available on the Steem blockchain, such as STEEM and other community tokens like PAL.


replace "username" with your Steem username.

Trade LEO:

You can trade LEO tokens for other cryptocurrencies on the Steem-Engine Exchange.


Official SteemLeo Accounts & Curators

Official accounts are marked by an orange badge next to their name on Steemleo.com. If you see an account with a name that appears to be an official account, simply check for the orange badge to confirm. If there's no badge, then it isn't an official SteemLeo account.

We also have a team of official curators who are always browsing & curating Steemleo content. When you're on Steemleo.com, you'll see an orange badge next to their names, similar to the official accounts.


What is the Steem Blockchain

The SteemLeo Community is a second-layer community that is built on a foundation called the Steem Blockchain.

The Steem Blockchain acts as a database for everything we do on SteemLeo. Casting a vote, for example, will ultimately broadcast to the base-layer (Steem) and be stored in the blockchain forever as an immutable transaction.

This means that when you make a blog post on SteemLeo, your content is being stored on the Steem Blockchain and is viewable on other Steem interfaces as well.

Steem provides a lot of powerful tools and features such as:

  1. 3 second transactions
  2. Free transactions
  3. Immutable blockchain

We'll post a more in-depth guide for the Steem blockchain here when it is available.


Get Help

Whether you've got some general questions or account-specific questions, feel free to hop in our Discord and we'll help you out. There are various channels in there for different resources, or you could ask for help in general chat and someone will point you in the right direction.


Steem Tools & Resources

The following is a collection of tools and apps to enhance your Steem blockchain experience.

https://Blocktrades.us --> Blocktrades is an exchange service that allows you to easily send & convert various currencies including STEEM.

https://Steem-Engine.com --> Steem-Engine is both an exchange and a service provider for the Steem blockchain, allowing anyone to create/launch their own tokens and immediately list them on the exchange.

https://steemrewarding.com --> Steemrewarding is a tool created by Steem witness & community developer @holger80. It allows you to automate various voting patterns on Steem. I.e. autovote your favorite authors at a specific time.

https://dlease.io --> Dlease is a tool for peer-to-peer leases. For example, you could lease 1,000 STEEM POWER for 30 days from another Steem user in exchange for a pre-determined lease price.

https://steemworld.org --> Created by @steemchiller, Steemworld is an incredible tool that simply has too many features to write about here. You can claim all your rewards, monitor your account's blockchain operations, trade the internal market and about a thousand other features with more that are added on a regular basis.

https://steemapps.com --> view a list of apps built on the Steem blockchain as well as performance statistics.